Author: sean gothman

Wolfmen Party Ticket Offer

The Wolfmen have a very special ticket offer for you, our friends of discerning taste. The party in honour of the release of the new full length Wolfmen album, Married to the Eiffel Tower, Thursday 14 July at the 100 Club in London, has an added extra bonus for those who book their tickets now online with For a limited time, £10 not only gets you admission to the party with The Wolfmen, Silvery, and special guest Kate Jackson, but you will also receive Wolfmen singles “Cecilie” on compact disc and “Wak This Bass” on vinyl. Now supplies of these extra gifts are limited, so you had best book your ticket for this party today.

Come and join the Wolfmen for the live party, and the party on the Wolfmen’s Facebook. Join CC’s Facebook while you’re at it. Tell your friends!

Tickets available HERE.

More info on the party can be found HERE.

Wolfmen/Sinead Team-Up

Here’s a demo The Wolfmen recorded with the wonderful Sinéad O’Connor. This Sinéad penned tune, titled “Very Far From Home”, was part of the session Marco and Chris recorded a while back at Raezor Studios., out of which two of the tracks Marco and Chris co-wrote will be on Sinéad’s next album.

Chris Constantinou