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Chris Constantinou in studio
Chris Constantinou has been a professional musician since leaving school at 17, when his band Drill signed to RCA and were produced by Chas Chandler. During his career Chris has worked, written and recorded with Lou Reed, Sinéad O’Connor, Tony Visconti and Adam Ant. Chris was Adam’s bass player from 1982 until 1986 and part of every recording, TV appearance, video and tour including Live Aid.

Reuniting with Adam’s co-writer and guitarist Marco Pirroni, Chris formed The Wolfmen for two albums: Modernity Killed Every Night and Married to the Eiffel Tower.

Chris' current project with Killer Tracks is The Mutants featuring a core team of himself, Paul Frazer and Rat Scabies plus a roll-call of guest legends appearing on three Mutants albums: Wilko Johnson, Wayne Kramer, Norman Watt Roy, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Chris Goss - which have taken the The Mutants around the globe from Tokyo to Chernobyl and recording in London and Joshua Tree.

The Mutants 2016 release is a mini-album collaboration with Courtney Taylor-Taylor made at Queens of The Stone Age legendary studio Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree called Your Desert My Mind.

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The Mutants
"The Final Hand (feat. Brent DeBoer)"
The Wolfmen
"Better Days"
The Mutants
"Dead Beat Generation (feat. Guitar Wolf)"
The Wolfmen feat. Sinéad O'Connor
"Jackie Is It My Birthday"
Adam Ant
"Vive le Rock" (Live Aid 1985)
The Mutants
"Muhammed Ali (Death Pop Remix)"

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