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‘Posing As An Angel’

1.Chris Constantinou wrote ‘Posing as an Angel’ way back in ’96 for his JackieOnAssid. Twas was released on the record ZIP ME UP in 2000.

2. C.C. brought the tune back in 2010 for The Wolfmen album MARRIED TO THE EIFFEL TOWER and renamed it “Jackie, Is It My Birthday?” This version featured Sinéad O’Connor, with Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Jacob Portrait handling post-production and mixing.

3. C.C. gave the vocal tracks to Tjinder Singh, who in turn came up with this 2012 version, now being released as a Christmas single on Cornershop’s Label Ample Play as “Posing As An Angel” Cornershop featuring Sinéad O’Connor & Chris Constantinou.

“I added some whiskers, northern brass and a little pomp and ceremony,” sez Singh. “I’m used to spending long hours in local Irish bars in North London and I imagined the warmth and friendliness of a late night lock-in with snow falling outside.”

There ya have it.

Rolling Stone article on this deal, with a streamer of the tune we can’t embed here because the world might end, or something.

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